pgAdmin パスワード保存前の警告

Saving passwords


You have opted to save your password. It will be stored in plain text in your home directory on *nix systems, or in your user profile on Windows. If you do not want this to happen, please press the Cancel button.

pgAdmin uses PostgreSQL’s ‘pgpass’ mechanism to store your passwords. On *nix systems, the password will be stored in ~/.pgpass, whilst on Windows systems it will be stored in %APPDATA%\PostgreSQL\pgpass.conf (%APPDATA% is the ‘Application Data’ folder in your user profile). This mechanism is used by default by all programs that use the libpq library to access the server, which includes command line applications such as pg_dump and pg_restore, other GUI applications, and drivers such as psqlODBC. This means that those applications may automatically connect to the server using your stored password. If you do not want this to happen, you should not use the Store Password option in pgAdmin.