Yamanashi Prefecture Minobe Town: JR Tokai Shimobe Hot Spring Station

七不思議の湯に行った際に通ったShimobe(しもべ)Hot Spring Station. とっても印象的で、まわりの景色も綺麗でした。

Drop off the Train

There’s no automatic ticket gate. I handed in the train ticket to train officer, and got out the train. There’s no staff at the station.

Station Building

The stations seems to be traditional.

まず駅につくと早速歓迎されます。 信玄公のかくし湯とまで書かれています。


Get out the station and look back. There’s a plate sounds traditional. It says JR Tokai, Shimobe Hot Spring Village.

This is the station entrance.

In the front of the station, there’s a big rock carved a message.

大きな石に、 素足のふるさと 下部温泉郷 と刻まれています。



The hotels are listed at the photo page.


Taxi で行った場合にどれくらいの金額になるのかまでかかれていますね。



First, 旅館組合案内所. 入ってはいませんが、突然行って旅館を案内してくれるところなんでしょうか。


It was lunch time. There’s a restaurant meets our needs.

Of course, there is souvenir shops.

And there is a taxi company. There’s phone to call taxi. You can call taxi even if your phone battery is run out. It’s convenient.


Scenery is also great.

Little walk gives you beautiful scenery.