Japan media ignore Japan

Yesterday, Aug. 21, 2011, over 20,000 people gathered at Odaiba Tokyo and held demonstration against distortion by Fuji TV Network. The number of perticipants, 20,000 is estimation by one, while organizer says 6,000.

Main Protest

These days, Fuji TV doesn’t report the moment of Japanese win in several tournament, doesn’t report critical Diet issue, doesn’t report what is happening in striken area of disastrous, on the contrary criticizes innocense people, blames athletes, and structs the TV program table for only Fuji TV’s profit. Participants criticized it.

Many sites report its demonstration as against Korean boom, but its not correct. Concern between Korean boom and Fuji TV or other medias are based on profit of Fuji TV. Nowadays, you can here “Korea boom” in Japan because all of medias create it intentionally, for their profit. For example, Fuji TV has got the right to sell music composed/sung by Korean artists and Korea boom artificially created gathers money. So, Fuji TV and other media broadcast Korean drama only, on daytime. The point is not Korea boom.

How was it reported?

In Japan, it has never been reported on Television News. Only a few web sites wrote articles. Though this is the largest demonstration in decades.