Palmistry – Marriage Line

Marriage Line

A short line found on the Mount of Mercury, the swelling just below the little finger, running from the outside of the little finger toward the ring finger. It expresses one’s fortune in regard to love and marriage.

If there is a long and distinct Marriage Line.

People with this type of line will be blessed with ideal marriage partners. If it appears on both hands, this fortune is even stronger. You’ll have a happy married life, free of problems.

However, if this line is broken, it is a predictor of some kind of trouble. But don’t despire — if you trust and cooperate with your partner you can overcome your difficulties.

If there are two parallel Marriage Lines.

This hints that two people will appear at the same time in your life. The bottom line will be the first person you meet, the top line the second. The line that is more distinct will be the one indication your future mate.

If they are both about the same, there is a good chance that you’ll be unable to decide whom to marry, and miss the chance altogether. In any case, what is important is honesty. If you try to set everything up to go your way, you are likely to choose the wrong person.

If the Marriage Line runs toward the little finger.

Yours could be a real Cinderella story, but it may gain you money and fame rather than the love of your partner. You’ll live in a splendid house, and will not want for anything. But your heart will remain lonely and unfulfilled. It is likely that you’ll explore the adventure of taking a lover in order to fill this void.

If the Marriage Line forms a complex pattern.

You are likely to have a lively love life but never make it to the alter. In the end. some of you may decide that freedom is the most attractive potion, remain unmarried all your life, and enjoy a number of affairs. No matter what age you are, you are blessed with partners, so you will not suffer from loneliness. People with this line tend to look on love as a kind of game. They avoid romance that looks hurtful, love triangles, and anything that requires sacrifice on their part.