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Japanese Eel in its Best

I bought an eel. Yes, eel is in it’s best in winter, precisely in Feburary.

My grandmother said foods from China is bad, not to select Chinese. She knows everything. Yes, food from China is very dangerous, since Chinese food contains a great amount of harmful chemical substances.

Most Japanese believes eel’s best season is summer. But it’s nonsense. The superstition is born in Edo era.

Eel sellers had been confused in every summer, because eel is not sold in summer. Eel is winter food and deliscous in winter, otherwise it’s not good in summer. Then, an eel seller asked Gennai Hiraga, one of the best worker in Edo, to make eel sold in summer. Gennai said people that eel in summer is good for health then people began to buy and eat in summer. In these days, eel is believed as a summer food and people don’t know eel’s real taste.