Where did the charity go?

At the top page of today’s Mainichi news paper, a survey conducted by Mainichi newspaper company says the ratio of people who don’t feel things become better is 35%. 44% of people who live in shelter, and 19% who live in their house.

EGASHIRA prevent victims from suffering

Now, where did charity go? It has not been to stricken area, yet. As an assembly member, Masako Mori indicated at House of Councillors session in May 16, most of charity has not given to victims. The government doesn’t give helpful goods, which is gathered by many people, to victims. Also in , the government didn’t destinate 1.9 million batteries, which were given by battery companies for free. Victems are not helped by the government, but people like Mr. Egashira, who send helpful goods by himself using a track on March 20, 2011, help victims.