Buy Delicious Japanese Mandarin Orange for a Low Price

I bought Japanese mandarin orange for a really low price.

Japanese Mandarin Orange I Bought

The orange I bought was small orange. Usually, orange sugar amount is fixed in its early age. Big orange sounds better but its sugar density is not high. Yes, smaller orange, higher more sugary. I bought 10 kg of such sugary Japanese orange for only 2,376 yen (less than 20 dollars). It was only 2 dollars for 1kg. The farmer in Kagawa prefecture, Yamatoya Kajuan, made Kanjuku mandarin orange, I bought it.

How to Buy

Search “わけありみかん” in Rakuten.

I bought it in December, season of mandarin orange. Many farmer from many prefectures sell “わけありみかん”. Japanese famous brand orange are also sold, “Arita Mikan”, “Unshu Mikan”, and so on, for low price. You can buy also ponkan orange for low price.

“わけありみかん” have some bad point, but it has no effect on the taste. For example, small size, color, etc. You know, though, size and color are not related to sugar density. As I wrote before, sugar amount is fixed in orange’s early age. Latter acquired characteristic has no effect on the taste. On the contrary, smaller orange, more sugary. Supermarket likes only big, well-colored oranges, so we can buy such a nice sugary orange for low price.


10kgなかなかなくなりません。 1週間で半分ぐらいようやく食べたところです。

保存は寒い1階に置いておきました。 冷蔵庫には入り切らないので。