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Identifying the Cause of the NEXUS 5 Repeatedly Rebooting Issue

My Nexus 5 started repeatedly rebooting. Here, I summarize the process of identifying the cause and more.

If you’re looking for a quick solution, you can check out How to Recover from Nexus 5 Endless Reboot Loop and Retrieve Data.

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How I Reinstalled XPERIA Pre-Installed Application


I have been getting android’s storage shortage warning for a long times so I decided to delete the unused application, “Talk”. But it was beginning of the nightmare. Talk seems to be related to other applications and gmail syncing stopped. I searched and searched in google with the keyword “google talk” but only to know that I can’t download it from google play store.

When I was searching in google, I found the information that the solution is to get Talk.apk and install it, but I couldn’t find it. Then I hit the idea that it might be in the phone. Yes, it was. I tried the following steps and recovered my phone.

How to Restore

Yes, I could remove pre-installed application, so I have gotten root privilege. I have installed SManager and used it to delete pre-installed application. Now, launch shell by SManager. You know, shell is something like command prompt in Windows computer.

Then, search Talk.apk. Type cd / and go to root directory. Next, execute find -name Talk.apk, and you can find the file. (Actually, I executed find -name *apk|grep -i talk, because I couldn’t find how to change capital and small letter.)

In my case, xperia is11s, I found /system/app/Talk.apk. So I went to the directory, cd /system/app.

And I executed pm install -r Talk.apk, then console said “Success”. One thing, the process seemed to be moving in foreground. Although I executed ctrl+z and bg, jobs command returns shows only the process “running” so I executed reboot finally.

After the rebooting, I could use the phone. (It doesn’t work before rebooting.)