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Convert ppk file to pem in ubuntu

Create private key on AWS Console and connect EC2 with it. In the company of Windows computer, people often use putty to connect to server, and delete pem key ….

But, Linux computer can’t use putty as default, but can use ssh and requires private key in pem format. And there are several programs which require pem format key.

Here, I introduce you how to convert ppk file to pem.


In Ubuntu 14.04, putty-tools should be required to use puttygen command, like the following.

Now preparation was completed.

We can check version of Ubuntu as below.


After the above command, pass phrase was required when you set it on the private key.

Below is option of puttygen command.

  • -O : specify output file type. private-openssh means OpenSSH private key.
  • -o : specify output file name.

And, pass phrase of the private key to connect Amazon EC2 can be removed with the following.