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Dogashima Onsen Hotel – Shizuoka Prefecture

These days, I use Telephone Cards that I stock. Because it is MOTTAINAI.

Telephon Card is used to call from public telephone. And we can use it on only public phone. To throw away it with not using because of the decrease of the number of the public phone is MOTTAINAI.

Recently, public telephone is being removed because almost everyone has their own mobile phone. So the number of people who use public phone became smaller and smaller.

Dogashima Onsen Hotel Telephon Card

Here is one card that I used. This photo is taken at DOGASHIMA ONSEN HOTEL. That hotel is located in the Izu peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture.

This photo is western sea from the hotel.

The Waves are particular shape. Usually, wave is forward to seashore, but these waves are forward to each other. I guess there are shallow area. People can gather shellfish at low tide, I guess.

People say DOGASHIMA is a beautiful place. It is because there are many rocks, caves and cliffs made shape by wave shaves.

ONSEN is hot spring in Japanese. Nikkei Newspaper, published in Japan, introduces several ONSEN point every Saturday.