OpenShift: What rhc setup does?

We can use the command rhc setup with OpenShift server. I tried it, and wrote what the command do.


  • ruby 2.0.0p647
  • rhc 1.38.4

After typing rhc setup, the following output is exposed.


First, indicated that I should log in to OpenShift.

Create Authenticate Token

I was asked whether I create authenticate token to access to the server without password input. This token can be removed with the command rhc logout.

Create SSH Key

Create SSH Key to be used on SSH accessing to OpenShift server.

Upload Public Key

Then I asked whether I upload the public key to OpenShift server. (If you choose no, you can register your public key on OpenShift Web Console.)

On uploading, the key alias name input is required. The default name is composed from your login e-mail address.

In my case below, the key name, which I’d already registered, was output.

At last, registered application name is shown.