2017 Father’s Day Present White (Swordtip) Squid

Father’s day. This year I presented white squid gotten in Tottori prefecture.

親からも感想が送られてきました。 6月の鳥取県産白イカ、プレゼントにはおすすめです。


毎年のことですが、まずは楽天市場から季節の旬のものを探します。 旬のものはとてもおいしいです。

2017, I has chosen Tottori Prefecture Natural White Squid 1 kg among them. White squid is in their best from June to next January.

And more, white squid is the most valuable in squids. その上旬で採りたてともなればおいしいに違いありません。


Swordtip Squid – White Squid

White Squid is the most valuable squid. It is categorized as swordtip squid. It has clean and delicate taste, and deep sweetness. 刺身や握りでも人気のイカです。 白イカを使ったするめは「一番するめ」と呼ばれ、最も商品価値が高いそうです。

In Kanto district, supermarket doesn’t have one.

Redden squid is fresh. Just after fishing, squid are white but after a while it gets redder. After a long time, it become white back. The redder the squid is, the fresher it is.

I received one photo from my parents. It was red and fresh.

Reputation from the Parents

The parents said “Fresh and chewy, very delicious.” It’s nothing special. Boiled.

I recommend

white squid
as father’s day present. And it really matches with beer.