Japanese Food Marriage with Gewürztraminer

I tried Japanese food mariage with Gewürztraminer wine. I bought the wine at San Francisco in America.

The wine bottle is really sophisticated. We can see wine field through the front window.

Japanese Food Marriage

The time I tried is in the season of Ochugen, when Japanese people send gifts each other, especially to relatives.

Cheese Kamaboko

Bows Original Stick Cheese is really good. It is a product of Kawachiya in Toyama.

It’s good with Gewürztraminer wine. Kawachiya also creates Creamy fried cheese and it is also good with the wine but Original Stick Cheese is better.

Spicy Kamaboko

Bows Piriri Togarashi (Bit Hot Red Pepper) is good in spicy category. It is also made by Kawachiya. It looks not spicy but it is, and matches with the wine.

Kawachiya makes many type of Bows Kamaboko series, but for Gewürztraminer, only above two are good.

Well, I bought the wine in World Market in San Francisco.

World Market

Then I hand been staying at Hotel Zoe near Fisherman’s Wharf. World Market is the neighbor of the hotel. There are many of wines, Red, White and Rose.


It is a grape varietal made in the Alsace region in France. From this variety, wine with a high residual sugar feeling can be made.

Description on the back says the wine is made in Germany. It also says the wine matches cheese and spicy food. So, it is good with Chinese food.


It has a spicy acidity, but a refreshing sweetness remains.