Hacchobori Pizza Lunchi for 500 yen, otto

I’ve been to otto, where we could eat pizza lunch for only 500 yen, about 5 dollars.

The letter 'GRANDE POLAIRE' is burned on wood table.

I got sea-food-pizza. Thin dough, but delicious taste. It was a great pizza we can rarely eat.

Lunch Menu

You can get 500 yen lunch dish from 11:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.

Both pizza and pasta is 500 yen. Additional 100-200 yen makes your pasta double, or serves drink and salad. There’s some dish you can eat only on specific day of the week.

You can choose pasta from Napolitana and daily pasta, and pizza from MARUGERITA, sea-food, garlic cheese, anchovy and black olive, fresh salad, Italian basil, basil and mascarpone, and anchovy and cream cheese, etc.

Pizza is cooked in masonry oven.

But one pizza, man might feel small.


If you visit there with some fellows, everyone should order different kind of pizza each other and share. Then you can enjoy several taste.


It’s on business in night, also.

Most seats are smoke-free.


The nearest station is Hacchobori of Tokyo Metro Hibiya line and Japan Railway Keiyo line. You can walk from Kayabacho or Takaramachi station. It is a bit of hardness to walk from Nihonbashi or Kyobashi station.