Kabuto-cho Nihonbashi 500 yen Curry and Hashed Beef Motsu-Sen

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I got curry rice for 500 yen at もつ千(motsu sen) in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, which is one izakaya bar. It was only for 500 yen, but really large size. I recommend.


Menu for Lunch

You can order Curry Rice or Hashed Beef and Rice for lunch.

Normal size contains 2.5 rice bowls of rice. And you can order large size for 50-100 yen, and small size for minus 50 yen. You can add topping ingredients, sausage or karaage or so.

It was not spicy or hot, but you can take blue pepper put aside freely. And you can also get red pepper and source freely.


For 1 order, 350 g rice will be served. 茶碗1杯が140g程度といわれていますから、 並盛は茶碗 ( 350 div 140 = 2.5 ) 杯分となります。



First, enter the restaurant, and order Curry Rice or Hashed Beef and Rice, and you can also order additional topping ingredients. If you don’t order any topping, say “No topping”.

Pay the price and wait until the dish is cooked. After a while, you can get your dish and take spice, seasoning freely.

And you can take out it.


The nearest stations are Nihonbashi (Tokyo metro subway Tozai line, Toei Asakusa line) and Kayabacho (Tokyo metro Hibiya and Tozai line). Also, you can walk from Ningyocho, Suitengumae, Shin-Nihonbashi, Mitsukoshi-mae stations.