I’ve Written Cover Story 2 in WEB+DB PRESS Vol. 109

I’ve written cover story 2, “[Practical] Kotlin”, in WEB+DB PRESS Vol. 109. My parts are chapter 2, 3 and 5.


Cover Story 2 Content

Cover story 2 contains the followings. I wrote chapter 2, 3 and 5.


From the basic, to Spring and Java interoperation.

Chapter 1 : Why Kotlin?
New language which supports not only Android but also Backend development
Advantage and disadvantage for Kotlin. Explained how to use the editor through Hello World! program.
Chapter 2 : Basic Grammar
Kotlin Grammar Points
Important grammar in Kotlin. And coroutine library which is properly released with Kotlin 1.3.
Chapter 3 : Server side development with Spring
Complete framework introduced Kotlin DSL,null-safety
New features in Spring 5. How to develop server side application with PorstgreSQL and Thymeleaf in Kotlin. I had wanted to use kotlinx.html, but I wrote with famous template library., Thymeleaf. I had wanted to use Kotlin for gradle, but I wrote build.gradle in Groovy because of the readership.
Chapter 4 : Test with JUnit+Mockito-Kotlin
Improve safety with Mock test
Test frameworks which Kotlin can use. Explained how to write test in Kotlin.
Chapter 5 : Java and Kotlin Interoperation
Introduce Kotlin into existing Java project smoothly
How to use Java from Kotlin, and Kotlin from Java. Class is very similar between Kotlin and Java, but be careful for extension function, top-level function, null-safety, etc. This chapter will help when you introduce Kotlin into existing Java project.

First drafts are much bigger than the capacity for all of chapter 2, 3 and 5, and I reduced them to 40 %. I prepared drafts for KDoc and dokka, too, but they were discarded because of the readership.