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Exceptions I Bumped into on Upgrading from Cells 3 to Cells 4

Here are some exceptions I bumped into on upgrading from Cells 3 gem to Cells 4. ここにある対処法は、 それぞれの Cell クラス に対して行ってもいいですが、 it is easier to create the parent class, ApplicationCell.

対処した最終結果は Rails: Cells 3 から Cells 4 へのアップグレード に記載しています。

Exception: undefined method helper_method

The following error was raised in lib/devise/controllers/helpers.rb. The version of device gem I used at that time was 3.5.2.

undefined method `helper_method’ for XyzCell:Class

Add the following code to Cell class.

  def self.helper_method(*)

It is empty method but there’s no problem. With Cells 3, we have to call self.helper_method but with Cells 4 we don’t have to do that and its method was removed.

Reference: apotonick/cells Issue Not working with react-rails

Exception in dom_class

The following exception may occur.

undefined method `dom_class’ for #<XyzCell:0x007ff36d4fecb0>

Add the following code to Cell class.

  def dom_class(record, prefix = nil)
    ActionView::RecordIdentifier.dom_class(record, prefix)

  def dom_id(record, prefix = nil)
    ActionView::RecordIdentifier.dom_id(record, prefix)

Reference: apotonick/cells Troubleshooting

Exception concerns number_with_delimiter is raised

Add include ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper to Cell class.

Exception because of select tag can’t be used

The following message will be shown.

private method `select’ called for #<XyzCell:0x007ff48f4febe8>

Add include ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper to Cell class.

Reference: apotonick/cells Issue select form_helper doesn’t work in cells 4