True Taste Ramen – Ebisoba Ichigen Home Package

From Japan, you can buy one of the best ramen, Ebisoba Ichigen, via Amazon.

Ebisoba Ichigen is one of the best ramen in Japan, especially Hokkaido prefecture. The ramen soup embraces ebi, shrimp sweetness. You can enjoy absolutely delicious taste.

Some Ebisoba Ichigen restaurants are located in Japan. But if you want to go there, you have to pay much cost for the trip, and you have to wait too much time because there is always very long line to the restaurant. (Ebisoba Ichigen is much famous in Japan.) So I recommend Ebisoba Ichigen Home Package. You can enjoy the Ebisoba Ichigen ramen at your home.

The ebisoba is really considered product. The soup is made from ebi, shrimp, to be specific, “Ama Ebi” in Japanese. Boil a large amount of shromp head slowly, then the taste of the sweet shrimp become deep essence of the soup. Because of that taste, as I wrote before, the restaurant Ebisoba Ichigen is the most popular ramen restaurant, to which there is the longest line at Hokkaido Sapporo airport even if other ramen restaurant has no line.

The package has true taste. Generally speaking, package of the famous restaurant is not so similar to the true taste. But this Ebisoba Ichigen package is truth, same as the restaurant taste.

Right now, let’s get true taste with some amount of payment.