Expand Partition size (Windows XP)

You can expand or erase a partition size in Windows XP with normally installed software.

But only non-system and NTFS partition with continuous blank space in the disk (or with distanced blank space in dynamic disk).

Well then, 1st, type “diskpart” and press enter in command prompt, and you can see “DISKPART>”. Type “list volume”, and you can see partitions used in your machine, then remember the volume number which you want to extend. 2nd, type “select volume N”(N is the volume number which you remembered). 3rd, type “extend” and press enter, then the volume extended to full size as much as it can be.

If you type “extend size=700″ and press enter, the volume will extend to 700 mega bytes.

This command cannot renounce. So be careful when you use it.