Palmistry – Sun Line

Sun Line

A vertical line beginning at the Mount of the Sun, the swelling immediately below the ring finger. It expresses the person’s luck with work, money and fame.

If the Sun Line crosses the Feeling Line and continues for some distance.

It means that steady effort will bring you wealth. You may succeed by working for a long time at the same job, or getting the qualifications that allow you to slowly accumulate an unexpectedly large fortune, but in any case, you will lead a life in which money is not a problem.

However, if you are frivolous or greedy, it is possible to drive away your luck with money.

If the Sun Line is extremely short, or non-existent.

People whose Sune Line is short have a shallow relationship to money. It’s not that they are totally disinterested in in, but they have little inclination to use their energies in making in, and tend to leave financial matters to chance.

In contrast, people with vertically no Sun Line are really not interested in money. They have no desire to go out of their way to make it, and are indifferent about spending it as well. You might say they are pure as far as money is concerned.

There are multiple Sun Lines, or a network.

People with multiple Sun Lines are disorganized spendthrifts who may aimlessly waste all their money. Even if they are not spendthrifts, they tend to be bold with their use of money. In that sense, you could also say they have a lively sense of adventure.

People who have a network of small Sun Lines are given to imaginative brainstorms, and one of these might bring unexpected wealth into their hands.

A second line runs parallel to a clearly defined Sun Line.

This signifies cooperation with other people. It is an auspicious line, meaning you will be helped by others in your financial luck. Since other people will determine your fate, you should choose your partners carefully.

There are many variations in the Sun Line appearing on the Mount of the Sun, an indicator of the wide cariety there is in people’s attachment to money.