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Palmistry – Feeling Line

Feeling Line

This line runs from below the middle finger toward the middle of the palm. It expresses the person’s emotions and perceptions.

If the feeling Line stops below the middle finger.

You are passionate and your actions are dictated by your emotions. You run both hot and cold, so you don’t stick with any one thing for long. But you are full of curiosity, and are always finding new things you want to do, the advantage of which is nourishment of a rich imagination.

You are positive and social, and it is always lively around you. But you can also be selfish, so watch it. If you try to think of things from the other person’s point of view, there should be no problem.

If the Feeling Line stops below between the index and middle fingers.

You are a deeply considerate person whi thinks about things from the other person’s point of view. People with this type of line are full of affection, and will be cherished by family and friends, lovers and spouses.

you dislike conflict and never say thins in the heat of the moment or act on a whim. Sometimes you may feel a bit borad by the ordinariness of your life, but you should realize that very ordinary life is the greatest happiness.

If the Feeling Line runs to between the index and middle fingers.

You are naturally kind, and cannot ignore people in distress. No one can rival you in the depth of your affections. Yet by doing too much for others, you are occasionally seen as meddlesome. Being concerned and wanting to help others is a fine thing, but if you overdo it, it can be a pain.

If the Feeling Line runs toward the index finger ….

You are rich in affection but als odiscriminating. No matter how stirred up your feelings may get, you always think things through first and never go off half-cocked. Because of this, you may strike others as cool.

You are equally kind to all your friends, but in matters of love you have high ideals and may have a hard time finding your ideal partner. You are also likely to be put on a pedestal by those around you.

Palmistry – Fate Line

Fate Line

A vertical line running up the center of the palm from the wrist. It expressed the person’s overall fortunes in life, as well as their degree of maturity.

If the Fate Line runs straight from the wrist to the root of the middle finger.

It means you are the possessor of powerful luck that will lead you to success in any line of work. But you aren’t happy unless you do everything yourself, and thus can be dictatorial. Watch out, because being too self-centered can leave you completely isolated.

Woman with this type of line hace such strong fortune that they may concentrate more on work than marriage, and end up marrying late.

If the Fate Line extends from the ring finger to the middle finger.

you have powerful luck in attracting people, and are made much of by the people around you. Make a lot of contacts, use them well, and you can be quite successful. If you take care to preserve harmony in your relationships, your luck will grow even stronger.

Entertainers and entrepreneurs with this line hace an additional weapon for developing beyond their wildest dreams.

If the Fate Line extends from the thumb toward the middle finger.

You have grown up surrounded by familial love. Even after becoming an adult you’ve no doubt had support from your oarents, and will probably inherit what they have. But if you are too dependent upon them, you’ll never attain psychological independence, so it is important to nurture a sense of autonomy.

If the Fate Line extends along the Life Line and stops below the middle finger.

You are type of person who can make their own luck. Your passion to charge ahead after your goals gives you the power to win through, no matter what the obstacles. When young you stand tough in the face of whatever hardships you encounter, and from middle age you are likely to achieve the kind of position and fame that anyone would envy.

If there is a short line paralleling this one, it signifies that a powerful collaborator will appear in your life.

Palmistry – Head Line

Head Line

This line runs from between the thumb and index finger toward the center of tha palm. Ti express the person’s intelligence and willpower.

If the Head Line runs perfectly straight.

So does your thinking, and you hate leaving things vague. You’re not at the mercy of your emotions, and think things through logically. Yet at the same time you are not a cold person. You have an unexpectedly sunny side, and are loved and trusted by the people around you.

If the Head Line is not straight, but curved.

If the curve is a large one you are probably a delicate type. You like art and literature. Your thinking is flexible, and rich in sensitivity. You’re a romantic.

People with a gentle rather than large curve are a bit more pragmatic. They are characteristically at home in either the sciences or the humanities. Many Japanese have this type of line.

If the Head Line divides into two or three lines.

You have the type of brain that can handle a variety of different situations.You have an exceptional ability to harmonize with others, and rather than act alone, you’ll really display your talents int the midst of a group.

People with a Head Line that divides into more than three parts are truly multitalented, and blessed with skills for public speaking, performance, and being entertainers.

If the Head Line is short.

The Head Line is not an expression of intelligence. Rather, it indicates how you use your head. People with short Head Lines are active and positive about everything. They are good at idea work. Yet they are inclined to engage with their work only when inspired, and get frustrated and angry before they have a chance to show their smartness.