Fishing Site:

When the browser abruptly open the site,, please close it. It is a fishing site. It is very similar to Fishing Site: and Fishing Site:

One day my browser opened the page abruptly

When I was seeing LinkedIn web site, the browser opend page abruptly.

「おめでとうございます! Google をお使いのあなた! 本日の無料 Movie Card Streaming、 iPad Air 2、 Samsung Galaxy S6 のいずれかの当選者に選ばれました」というポップアップが表示されています。

That’s a crazy site, saying that I got prize. When the page opened, only popup. The contents was not shown.

I clicked the OK button for examine, then the page was shown. It was very similar to other fishing site. Distorted Google logo. Obviously, it was a fishing site.

Why I got the page

As I wrote, when I was seeing LinkedIn page, the fishing site appeared abruptly. I clicked the back button and check LinkedIn page, but I can’t find the reason why I got the fishing site page. According to my reasoning, one advertise in a page contained malicious script and it led me to the page.

If you input your personal data …

You have to change input data, password or credit card number, etc.

Creadit Card
Tell the credit card company to invalid the card. Order to create new card if you need.
Change your password. If you use the same password in multi web site, change all of them.

How to prevent the finshing site

I found one article saying ESET Internet security blocked the fishing site.

When you search “” in the internet, you will find some dubious instruction to prevent the fishing site, but they are black. I recommend to use ESET Internet security