Kotlin: Database Migration – Harmonica 1.1.10

Here, I announce the new release of Kotlin db migration library, Harmonica 1.1.10.

You can see the code in GitHub.

New Big Feature

Here are new big functions since version 1.0.10.

Foreign key
refer function creates column with Foreign Key constraint. addForeignKey creates new foreign key constraint.
SQLite support
Support SQLite database in addition to MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Rename column and table and index
Added function to rename column and table and index.
Add the function, addDecimalColumn to add decimal column to existing table. Now, date and addDateColumn functions can accept default value in many types, String, Date, LocalDate.
Add the function, addDateColumn to add date column to existing table.
Support blob, time, timestamp, datetime
Add functions to create columns of those types.
Index Method
Now we can choose index method in creating index.

Example migration

Here is an example code for migration, which is in GitHub: Harmonica Test.