Windows: Set up PostgreSQL ODBC Data Source

Here is the way to set up PostgreSQL ODBC Data Source in Windows.


  • Windows 10 64-bit


Install ODBC Driver

  1. Download and install PostgreSQL ODBC Driver. It’s on the page of PostgreSQL. This time I chose 32-bit version,
  2. Open the zip file and execute msi installer in it. The driver will be installed

Add ODBC DataSource

  1. Open control panel. (Type Windows Key and R, and input “control” and press Enter key.)
  2. Press Ctrl and F, then type “odbc” to filter the items.
  3. This time I used 32-bit driver, so click “Set up ODBC data sources (32-bit)”.
  4. Click “Add” on the dialog to add new connection to PostgreSQL.
  5. After the dialog for adding data source appears, then choose “PostgreSQL Unicode” and click “Finish”.
  6. Fill the form of connection information. When you click Test button, form value will be tested.
    • Data Source: the name of connection. You can define it freely.
    • Description
    • Database: Database name
    • SSL Mode: recommend “allow”
    • Server: server host name or ip address
    • Port: 5432 in usual
    • User Name
    • Password
  7. Click Save, then new PostgreSQL ODBC data source will be created.